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3 Useful tips for Booking Last-Minute Airline Flights and Hotel Rooms

It is always challenging to plan a trip at last moment, especially during holiday period like November or near New Year Eve. One of the challenges can be finding an affordable hotel or flight.

“During the holiday season, there are no good deals—only ‘bad’ or ‘better’ ones,” — says Rick Seaney, CEO of airfare search engine FareCompare. As Seaney explains it, airlines fully expect you to wait until the last minute to book and charge you for it.

Well, there are still some ways or wonderful tricks that will not bust your budget and help you in planning a vacation during a peak holiday season. The trick is finding the travel websites and apps that can do the number crunching for you and find the best hotel deal instantly.

So, you can consider all the below mentioned tips to streamline your trip planning and get going……

Three useful tips for booking Last-minute flights:

  1. Try to take the benefit of your miles- Usually when the airfares go up, regular flier miles garner more value. “American Airlines, for example, offers last-seat availability on many domestic flights at 20,000 miles each way, even during the holiday season,” says Jared Blank, CMO of Dealnews. “This can be a great way to get value for miles you’ve accumulated.” Simultaneously, website like UsingMiles can do all the number crunching and tell when is the best time to pay the dollars by bringing out reward travel sites as per your miles.
  2. Deals can be your real guide- In case, you do not have any particular destination for your last minute outing then many websites can assist you in booking an affordable trip. For example, websites like Kayak’s explore tool and Fareness can show travel dates with destinations available at affordable rates.
  3. The right route and time- Most of the people think that flying before Christmas or during the New Year is costly. But actually flying on a holiday like Thanksgiving is cheaper and you can book early morning flights to avoid a layover.

Three useful tips for booking Last-minute hotels:

  1. Combine your hotel stay with airfare- Many times, choosing a package that combines airfare with hotel stay can be much cheaper compared to the airfare alone. Many online travel agency sites have become the right place to find wonderful package deals.
  2. Choose a business-friendly hotel- During the holidays, most of the big chain hotels do not have conferences and are willing to offer lower rates. In order to search these hotels, apps like Booking Now can be very handy. This app by utilizing GPS can find hotels all across the globe to show up the most competitive rates closer to your destination.
  3. Use various apps to get the real advantage – Apps like HotelTonight can show the heavily discounted rates on properties after 3 P.M. on check-in day, which is a great help for last-minute guests. Another app – Roomer can sell the prepaid reservations of tourists who want to recover their loss, as they had to cancel the room at the last minute.

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